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Welcome to my website, this website has no real specific aim - I'm not trying to sell you anything! It is just a way for me to experiment around with web design and also have a presence on the net. Please take the time to watch some of the embedded videos below - it will open your mind!

If any of you guys reading this went to any one of my old schools or colleges, either Fareham Park, Neville Lovett School in Fareham or Highbury college in Portsmouth then I would love to hear from you and find out what you've been up to since I last saw you? My email is located on the banner at the top of this page - please get in contact or leave a message for me in my guestbook!!



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If you went to Neville Lovett and you were in the class of 95, e.g. You left in 1995 then please visit my "Class of 95 Reunion page". I am trying to collate contact email addresses so that we can organise a reunion at some point in the future. Please visit the link below for more information.

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***NEW - The Plight of Chemtrails, What the hell are they spraying us with?

Have you looked up at the sky recently? Especially on a day where the skies are mostly clear? Well if you haven't, now is the time to take a good look at the sky because it is not as blue as it used to be. Why? I hear you asking. Well it seems that military aircraft are spraying us with something. At first you may think that is a crazy idea, I know I did at first but when I saw it by my own eyes my thoughts changed. The following photo's I took recently with my digital camera:-


Chemtrail1 Chemtrail2 Chemtrail3

Chemtrail4 Chemtrail5 Chemtrail6


Well, your probably thinking what is this all about? Well it cannot be confirmed for sure what the reason is for this regular spraying but there has been no mention at all about this in the mainstream media. The correct term for these trails is "Chemtrails" and they stay in the sky for long periods of time finally dispersing into cloud like formations.

What are chemtrails? There is a high chance that if you watch the sky for a few weeks you will see them in all their glory. At first they look similar to jet contrails in that they start out as a white line of 'trail' or smoke from an aircraft. Unlike contrails though they can be very low and are sometimes tinged with yellows, purples or oranges and sometimes even reflect oily rainbows in them. Instead of being a crisp "sky scraper" line, they are clumpy and thick and often appear to 'drip'. Slowly they fan out into a "spider web" of hazy cloud that cover and spans a large section of the sky. 60-mile "cloud systems" from a single Chemtrail spray have been reported. It is obvious when you see one that it's a spray of some sort of "material" or chemicals and not the normal "water vapor" that make up contrails. Analysis of the chemtrail spraying have revealed a high amount of powdered aluminum, pathogens, barium and even dried human blood cells. It has also been reported that since these trails started around 1999 many people have mysteriously become ill with un-diagnosable breathing ailments, could this be related I wonder??

So why are they spraying us with this stuff? Well there are some speculative answers:-


1) Spraying to offset the effects of global warming.

2) Mass genocidal intentions - spraying us with toxic pathogens that could be detrimental to health.

3) Mass inoculation - spraying us to protect the general population against biological weapons.

4) Secret military radar blanketing technology, geophysical weaponry.


Well, my question is this - why be so secretive about the whole thing? - why haven't we seen a single article about this in either the papers or on the TV? Seems a little too secretive to me - I think we should be asking more questions about this. I urge you all to take a look at THIS website and come to you own conclusions on the matter.


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***NEW - HAARP and Secret Weapon Technologies

If you think that the atomic bomb and nuclear weapons are the most destructive weapons in the world, think again. New weapon technologies exist which are much more powerful and destructive than nuclear weapons. In fact these new technologies can counteract the threat from nuclear weapons. So how is this so?

Well simply put, by sending large amounts of RF energy into the ionosphere and magnetosphere it is possible to change weather patterns, wipe out communications, destroy electronics in warheads and cause earth shattering phenomenon. You think I'm joking right? Well actually no I'm not, all is well documented on the net.

In Alaska USA exists HAARP, HAARP stands for the High Altitude Auroral Research Project which is a US government funded initiative which is described in their own words as:-

"aimed at studying the properties and behavior of the ionosphere, with particular emphasis on being able to understand and use it to enhance communications and surveillance systems for both civilian and defense purposes"

But the system is much more powerful and capable than that, for example the HAARP transmitter can be used to wipe out all types of communications in any geographic location on earth. It can also be used to confuse the electronics of nuclear warheads either to send them off course or to self-destruct. It has been reported that the HAARP transmitter was actively transmitting when the space shuttle Columbia burnt up in the earths atmosphere in 2003 and it is thought that HAARP could have been responsible, but because of the nature of HAARP (supposedly a secret weapons technology) other reasons for the destruction had to be drawn up. Other uses of HAARP include weather modification and it is speculated that the system is capable of creating earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, tornados and lightening bolts that are 1000 times more powerful than those created naturally. It is also thought that the constant spraying of substances into the atmosphere over the US, UK and many other countries which are commonly known as "chemtrails" could be related in some way to HAARP, probably to enhance or improve it's effectiveness.


The HAARP Auroral Heater in Alaska, USA


Currently in the world HAARP is the most powerful ionospheric transmitter (or heater as it is more commonly called). The Russians and China are thought to posses similar technologies but they are not as advanced as that of the US. These types of weapons are known as "Geophysical" weapons as they can manipulate or instigate naturally occurring phenomenon. One of the most worrying things about these types of weapons is the fact that they transmit radio waves on extra low frequencies (ELF). This can be advantageous in one way as it allows for communications with submarines deep under the sea and also for the mapping of areas deep beneath the earth. The one main disadvantage to the general public though is that the mental thought processes within the brain also work on these extra low frequencies. What does this mean? Well simply put, it could be possible to control the thoughts and emotions of whole populations by using the HAARP transmitter, are you worried yet? Well you should be........


All this is available for further research - Here are some links for further reading:-


HAARP - The Military's Pandoras Box

The US Strategic Defense Initiative

Weapons of Total Destruction


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Some interesting videos to watch...Open Your Mind....


The Calling (2009)


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Alex Jones - The Obama Deception (2009)


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Wake Up Call - Remastered Edition (2008)



Money as Debt




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9/11 Ripple Effect





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Zeitgeist - The Movie





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Five "Must-See"9/11 Truth Documentaries


1) 9/11, Fear & The Selling of the American Empire





2) 9/11 - Press For Truth






3. Alex Jones's - Terror Storm




4. 9/11 Mysteries




5. Loose Change 2nd Edition





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12/12/06 - Starting Your Own Website - In a Nutshell

For those of you reading that might be interested in how you might start up a website like this, I have compiled a short step-by-step guide of the things that you will need to do to get yourself started. My guide covers: selecting a domain name, sorting out web hosting, webpage design and optimisation, search engine optimisation (SEO) and finally getting your site live on the net. I hope you will find it useful, please follow the link below.


Starting Your Own Website


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30/11/06 - Money, The Ultimate Scam

You work all your life for money which doesn't actually exist, this is the Illusion that is Money.

When you borrow money from a bank, the bank doesn't go and print new notes, or mint some new coins. The clerk behind the counter simply types figures into a computer screen, that's all. From that moment onwards you are legally bound to repay back to the bank the money that never existed in the first place. Some say that the figures on the screen represent the value of gold or silver. If that is the case, does the bank have somewhere, a big store full of gold and silver which would total up to the amount of paper money and computer digits they say they have? Of course they don't. The paper money and computer digits are nothing but an illusion.

If you have a millions pounds you can lend it to someone. If a bank has a million pounds, it can lend up to ten times that amount and also charge interest on it. Therefore you have a scenario of only one million pounds in actual physical existence, but somehow the bank is now owed over ten million pounds!! Where did the other nine-plus million pounds come from? Well, It came from an illusion created by the bank, that's all.

Now the frightening scenario happens when you can't pay back to the bank this pile of imaginary money (digits on a computer screen) that you borrowed in the first place. The bank can now come along and take away your wealth which actually does exist. Your house, your land, your car and whatever else totals up to the value of how much non-existent money you borrowed from them in the first place, along with the interest on that imaginary money too!!


UK £20 Note

"I promise to pay the bearer on demand the sum of......"


On a UK bank note it states "I promise to pay the bearer on demand the sum of.......". What that actually means is, the bank has pledged to the holder of that note, that on demand they will give to the holder, the value stated on the note in gold or coinage. A bank note is merely an IOU! Therefore you are perfectly entitled by law, to ask for the total value of your bank account (or accounts) to be paid to you in gold or coinage - it states it on all bank notes and is authorised by the Chief Cashier, you can clearly see the signature of the Chief Cashier on every note too. So that means that everyone is entitled to have their money given to them by their bank, in gold or coinage. The only problem is that there is nowhere near enough gold or coinage in circulation to honour these pledges, which means in effect the paper money is completely worthless. If you want some entertainment, I suggest you ask your local bank for a £10 note to be paid to you in Gold. They are obliged to honour your request and the look on the young clerk's face will be all the entertainment you should need for one day.....


Here's what the Bank of England states on Legal Tender and the Promise to Pay Legal Tender

The concept of legal tender is often misunderstood or mis-interpreted. In contrary to popular belief, legal tender is not a means of payment that must be accepted by the two parties in a transaction, but rather a legally defined means of payment that should not be refused by a creditor in satisfaction of a debt. The current series of Bank of England notes are legal tender in England and Wales but not in Scotland or Northern Ireland, where the only currency carrying legal tender status for unlimited amounts is the one and two pound coins.


Promise to pay

The "Promise to pay the bearer on demand the sum of ...." on Bank of England notes has nothing to do with legal tender status. The promise to pay stands good for an unlimited time and means that the Bank will pay out the face value of any genuine Bank of England note no matter the age of the note. The promise to pay also holds good for damaged or ripped notes as long as enough of the note survives to prove that it was genuine and no previous claim for it has been received by the bank. The bank's mutilated notes department receives more than 25,000 claims a year for anything from fire or water damage to notes eaten by household pets.

Original extract from


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22/11/06 - Matt's Auckland Harbour Bridge Bungy

It's one of them moments when you think to yourself "what the hell am I doing?" The sheer adrenaline rush is un-comprehendable and the fear factor is pretty extreme. Although after you relinquish the opportunity and take the jump you realise that you have been worrying a little too much for no reason at all. The experience is far more rewarding than it may seem at first. To face and overcome your fears is a sure way to become much stronger as a person. It will also open new doorways for you to push yourself further and maybe try them other sorts of things that you dread so much. Go on, you know you want to, why not give it a go sometime?

The video below was my little opportunity to overcome 'the fear of the bungy'. This video was taken in April 2006, when I decided to jump 45m off the Auckland harbour bridge in New Zealand with only a gigantic elastic band wrapped around my legs. I long now for the day when I can do it all again, but this time backwards and from an unthinkable height!




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08/10/06 - The Search for Matt or Matthew Ward's!!!

If your name is Matt Ward or Matthew Ward, I would like to hear from you. I want to see how many people are out there with the same name Matthew Ward. In the guestbook I already have a few people with the name Matt Ward and when I get a few more I will make try and collate them altogether on a special Matt Ward page!!!

So if your a Matt Ward or a Matthew Ward, drop me an email and tell me the city you live in, your country and also your age. Let's see how many Matt Ward or Matthew Ward's that we can find out there in the world!!


The All Seeing Eye

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